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• Variety of edition sizes, signed and numbered

• Enhanced, one-of-a-kind glicée print option

Use of Archival-rated waterproof inks, paper and canvas

Certificate of Authenticity

Price includes shipping unmatted print or non-stretched, unframed, in a mailing tube (allow 10 to 21 days for delivery once your order is confirmed).


The concept of 'limited edition' prints has evolved as the digital reproduction process has grown. My own preferences have changed over the three years I have been involved in the process. With the advent of the digital process, all kinds of new criteria have developed which seems to be an ongoing theme for this industry. My original excitement, naive as it was, has changed and I expect it to continue to evolve. I have changed my edition size from a 'limit' of 333, a number I just liked, to various edition sizes that are (1) determined by the actual size and/or the exhibition success of the original painting, (2) the popularity of the original, and (3) by attempts to provide an economical pricing index. In general, the larger the print, the smaller the edition, the higher the price. Enhanced prints, meaning I apply paint to the surface of the print to ensure the integrity of the original content, will be more expensive than the non-enhanced version because it becomes a one-of-a-kind print, an original in its own right - I can not guarantee that I would be able to apply the paint exactly the same way again and again...more importantly, I have no interest or desire to do so.  The enhancement process is used when inks do not exist to replicate the paints used, which would change the content of the piece.  Examples would be metalic paints like gold or silver and pearlized colors.

This document is provided for all art work purchased from the artist as a print. It contains all the information related to a particular piece and serves as your guarantee or warranty that it conforms to industry standards. The title, date of copyright, image size, medium and surface of the original art work; edition size and number of the print purchased (if enhanced, the number will be 1/1); and, signature of the artist, signature of the print studio representative/color editor will be included.

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