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Traveling with Watercolor Series-Series 13
My approach to watercolor painting has developed from the plein aire experience. It keeps me sharp in drawing and observation skills as well as developing on the spot interpretations of my environment and my personal reaction to that environment. Spontaneity is a keyword yet my understanding of the principles and elements of design are invaluable guidelines that dominate my consciousness during the painting experience. If I don't finish the painting on site, I will finish or rework it in my studio, use it as a study for developing a new painting, or use it as a base for an acrylic painting. Watercolor painting is a valued experience with its own expansiveness and risk taking adventures. Prints are available.

thumb of La Verna

thumb of Landscape behind Villa Barbarino
            thumb of Villa Barbarino Apartments

La Verna, St Francis Monestary, Tuscany
Landscape behind Villa Barbarino, Tuscany
Villa Barbarino Apartments

San Gimigniano
Pro Surf Contest

Tour Guide, Sienna, Italy
San Gimigniano, Tuscany
Pro Surf Contest, Santa Cruz, California

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