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El Ciruelo (The Plum)-Series 25
Living in Mexico in the early 1990's, I scheduled a one-man show in Restaurante El Ciruelo located south of Mexico City in Tepoztlan. I had a body of work (see "Series-Mexico") I wanted to display; the owner really wanted paintings of his restaurant. I agreed and continue today to work on this series. They are the work of independent witness and the struggling effort to connect the visible to the invisible, to find the secret meaning of places and things. An arrangement of chairs can symbolize the past, present, or future; regret or hope. Ideally, the viewer will enter the space of the painting and develop his own interpretation or metaphorical meaning. Composition, complementary color, positive and negative space, and dramatic lighting control the content of each painting. Prints are available.


End of Day
The Set Up
Head of Household
The Choice

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