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    I am offering these workshops because I love the experience of giving that comes with teaching. Both art and life are an art, thus we need active enhancing activities to experience the joy we need as individuals and personalities. Art offers the potential of entering the sanctuary of our own imaginations. It provides a process to access our inner worlds efficiently and in a guilt-free manner which increases the quality of our lives.
     I am currently offering classes in my home studio in Experimental Techniques and Layering in Transparent Acrylic Painting, abstraction and realism.  Please call or e-mail for the 2007 schedule(supply list included). This is a weekend workshop running from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM each day with a  1 hour lunch break(nearby Kelly's Bakery or BYO.  The current price for the workshop is $160.00 (checks and cash only) with a minimum of 4 students, a maximum of 6 students. On going three-hour support classes are available to continue the learning process, add techniques, and participate in critique sessions individually or as a group ($45.00 per session).

Content: The focus is applying layers of transparent color in various palette systems to introduce/reinforce the Elements and Principles of Design. Color changes are results of overlapping transparent layers: a red over yellow = orange. No black is used; darks are the results of multiple layers. "Intuitive knowledge' is allowed expression as semi-/unconscious material is released in the painting experience. Identifying personal symbols/marks is part of the process. Verbal assessment, decision making processes, how/why to activate each layer of color, and demonstrations can be expected. Decisions are expressed as elements and principles of design and how they are considered/chosen. When to identify the focal point, composition types, and what color palette to use for content considerations are some of the topics covered.

-Subject to minimum enrollment of 4 to 6 students.
-registration must be made within 3 weeks of the workshop date/full tuition paid.
-Pick at least two dates to insure participation(number 1, 2, 3).
-Consider presenting a gift certificate for someone special.
-Saturday and Sunday lunch  is 'BYO' or nearby deli, snacks available both days

April 14 -15, 2007  (Beginners)
April 21 - 22, 2007 (see 'A' )
May 5 - 6, 2007 (Beginners)
May 19 - 20, 2007  (see 'A' )
June 9 - 10, 2007 (Beginners)
June 23 -24, 2007 (see 'C') or ('B')



'A' weekend workshop uses collage/mixed media to develop abstract/realistic         
       themes for potential paintings expanding on the methods from the 'Beginner'            workshop.  Adding colored tissue papers, pieces of your own paintings, textured        papers; how to weave papers together are examples. Using exacto knives and           glue types will be discussed.  Expect to paint into any of these collage/mixed        media elements.
'B' is a weekend workshop using participant photographs, tracing paper, #2 pencil        to help you find the three major values; midtones, lights, and darks. You will              learn to manipulate the three values in different compositional choices in order
       to achieve emotional content when applied to your painting process on the                second day of the workshop.  Landscapes and still-life subjects will work best.
       Your color photos could be enlarged to 6" X 9" at  'Kinkoes' and you might
       want a black and white copy for reference.  Art history related to the evolution of
       the picture plane from flat to multi-diminsional spatial options, what color palette
       to use, and again, the decisions related to the elements and principles of design
       will be discussed.

SCAL=Santa Cruz Art League sponsored workshop: call 831-426-5787

Please download the application and/or gift certificate(.pdf) for submission.
Mail to: Ara Fine Art, 168 Oxford Way, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Drawing Classes - 'C'

    Building skills in drawing subject matter with pencil, pen, and pastels will be added to the roster in 2006-7.  Time will be studio oriented as well as pleine aire experiences.   Watch for the new schedule!.

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